WordPress website hosting services


July 11, 2022 3 mins

Richard Jaggs

MD Resolution Design

In addition to our WordPress website support packages we also offer a range of website hosting packages specifically designed for WordPress websites.

Not all hosting packages are created equal and having low-quality hosting will lead to slow website load speeds and potential security issues. We’ve done the hard work of identifying the best hosting from a good technical supplier and as an approved Agency Hosting Partner you only have to deal with us, real people on the end of a phone or email.

All our hosting services are managed, use UK-based servers and come with our high levels of service, meaning we deal with everything for you. We offer shared hosting for standard business sites and we also offer Virtual Private Servers (VPS) for clients who need greater resources and security or may have multiple websites they’d like to place on one package for maximum cost-effectiveness.

Website hosting packages

Our packages start from just £180 pa and moving to us couldn’t be easier, we will deal with everything, ensuring you have the most suitable package and making sure your site is properly migrated to the new hosting and displaying correctly.

  • Standard shared VPS hosting – £180 pa
  • Premium shared VPS hosting – £260 pa
  • VPS 1 – 1GB RAM, 1 core processor, 25 GB storage 1 TB bandwidth – £360 pa
  • VPS2 – 2GB RAM, 1 core processors, 50 GB storage 2 TB bandwidth – £480 pa
  • VPS4 – 4GB RAM, 2 core processors, 80 GB storage 4 TB bandwidth £900 pa
  • VPS8 – 8GB RAM, 4 core processors, 160 GB storage 5 TB bandwidth – £1,740 pa

Prices exclude VAT.
Prices are correct at the time of posting and may be subject to change.

All our hosting packages include:

  1. Phone and email support by our in-house team
  2. Free SSL Certificates
  3. Full website migration management
  4. Dedicated Firewalls
  5. 24/7 Real-time Monitoring
  6. Automated Backups
  7. Auto Healing
  8. Regular Security Patching
  9. Optimized With Advanced Caches
  10. Cloudflare Add-on

Domains and business emails

We also offer domain name registration services and business-class email hosting with webmail and 25 GB of space. We can even manage the migration of emails from your current supplier to the new email platform.

For more information about our WordPress website hosting, domain registration and business email services please get in touch.