New Gutenberg versions


August 15, 2022 2 mins

Richard Jaggs

MD Resolution Design

Gutenberg versions 13.6, 13.7, and 13.8 have arrived

Three new versions of Gutenberg have been released:

  • Gutenberg 13.6 launched on July 6th. It includes 26 bug fixes and accessibility enhancements. This release also builds on previous work to expand theme.json and to allow you to create a cohesive design across blocks.
  • Gutenberg 13.7 brings an updated modal design, the ability to apply block locking to inner blocks, and new template types, to name a few highlights. It was released on July 20th.
  • The latest Gutenberg release, version 13.8, went live on August 3rd. It comes with ​​fluid typography support among other enhancements, a new feature that will allow you to define text size that can scale and adapt to changes in screen size.